Allow me to introduce myself.

The name's Crøst (totally real, not made-up name), and I'm a part-time student, part-time DOOM enthusiast, full-time lazy dragon.

I was born on December 25th, [redacted] and after falling down a time rift, I ended up being stuck here, in 1999 !

But I got nothing to complain about, that was the best era for the internet :
No baseless conspiracy theories on social medias, no obnoxious cryptobros constantly trying really hard to shove their soulless NFTs down your throat, and no pointless metaverses in a day and age where we're trading creativity and free speech for the illusion of being in control when big corps are the actual leaders of our lives.

Only a bunch of really cool websites made by people, for people !

Click on these buttons to find the cool websites I got them from. :)